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Resurgent Resonance
11 Tracks 72 Minutes

Blue Pyramid   The Gathering   Valley Of Veils   Procession   Cave Of Souls   Orange Moon   Ether Pools
Opal Cloudlets   Hall Of Whispers   Serpent In The Sky   Blue Pyramid Pt 2

Featuring guest musicians
John Simms, Tim Jones, Maxine Marten, Barry Lamb and Maren Lueg.  
10 Tracks 64 Minutes

Kull   Alluvial Morte   Solar Glide   Diadanze   Utep   Space Soup
Jagged   Visitor   Alluvial Morte Dub   Manu

Featuring Guest Musicians
John Simms, Tim Jones, Paddi Addison, Al O'Kane, Spacey Rach and Maren Lueg.

Dream State Circus
8 Tracks 71 Minutes

Dream State Circus   A 1000 Stars And A 1000 Moons   Subliminal Conditioning   Meadow Of Dreams
Dubliminal Conditioning   Infinite Potentialities   Transition Zone   Puzzle Box

Featuring Guest Musicians
John Simms, Tim Jones, Spacey Rach, Mike Bike and Rub Dub Ben Thud.
Decade In Space
9 Tracks 69 Minutes

A Partial Memory   Seamless Time   Dub Bubble   The Still And Silent Universe   Space Messages
Deep Space Travelling   Eyes Of The Oracle   Voyage Sequence II   Back To Earth

Featuring Guest Musicians
Spacey Rach and Gazbot

A Collection of Unreleased and Re-recorded Music.

Gaia's Garden


12 Tracks 62 Minutes

Lost In The Stars   Gaia's Garden Pt 1   Out Of The Woods   Desert Path   Gaia's Garden Pt 2
Timeless Sun   King Alfreds' Tower   Red Skies   Gaia's Garden Pt 3   Soapbubble
Sky Dancer   Gaia's Garden Pt 4

Featuring Guest Musicians
Will Greenwood, Spacey Rach and Gazbot.
Steps Across The Cortex
6 Tracks 78 Minutes

Twilight Pilot   Otherworldly Journeys   The Loneliness Of The Deep Space Traveller
Oracle Eye   Delta Ceiphi   Colours Become Shapes

Featuring Guest Musician
Simon Williams.
Silent Universe